There’s nothing like a significant pandemic to make you realise how much you miss travel. But now that the travel restrictions are slowly being lifted, many tourists are planning their trips, getting hotel reservations, and booking their flights. 

Is the travel industry ready for the rise of tourists and higher demands for travel activities? 

More people than ever before are travelling, and most travellers are booking their trips online. But despite this growth in digital bookings, there are still plenty of opportunities and challenges for companies, especially with the travel boom,” says business analyst Ashley Hansen from Online Business.

Here are some facts you should know before hopping into the revenge travel trend:

Expect Pent-Up Demand and Expensive Rates

As the restrictions on travel are slowly being lifted, expect many people to want to go places.

People will want to travel again because they’ve been indoors for so long and are ready for fun. They’ll also want to see their families and friends, go on adventures, and catch up on their travel goals. Some may even just be excited about having a few days off work.

Along with this are higher rates for plane tickets and hotel reservations since many travel companies are still required to follow safety protocols to avoid the spread of COVID-19 in different countries.

Do-It-Yourself Travel is Growing in Popularity

Do-it-yourself travel is not only an economical way of travelling but also an exciting way to see the world. 

Travellers can choose where they want to go, what time of year and how long they will stay there. DIY travel has become an ideal option for many since they have more control over what happens during the trip, and there’s no need to interact with others constantly, which means lesser health risks.

There are also innovative apps that can make your travels even more convenient. You can have the map of the city you’re visiting with comprehensive directions and things to do right at the tip of your fingers. 

This means you should always stay connected in a different country to avoid getting lost in an unfamiliar place. An international sim card is just what you need, and UK Prepaid SIM Card offers flexible data plans with inexpensive roaming fees.

The Travel Industry Is Called to Innovate

With travel looms on the horizon, the industry is getting ready for many changes—more people than eager to get out and about to cope with the lost time during the pandemic. 

In fact, according to the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), there’s a 4% rise in international tourist arrivals in 2021.

Despite the increase, the travel industry remains to have a slow and unstable recovery. The worldwide statistics show how agencies, businesses, and airlines should strive to deliver to the surge of travellers with safe and innovative measures.

Plan Your Travels Safely and Efficiently

Nowadays, it’s not just about packing light, knowing the local currency, or even having the correct passport. You need to be prepared for new regulations on everything and make sure to have the best experience possible without risking your health.

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