What it’s all about

Avoid Roaming Charges

We don’t like the idea of paying expensive international roaming costs so that’s why ukprepaidsimcard.com.au exists. 

Everyone wants to be able to use their phone on holiday in the UK & Europe, just like how they do at home. Our UK & Europe SIM Card is the perfect solution when traveling to London, or Paris, or Rome, or anywhere in the UK and Europe. 

We make it simple for you to use your phone when you’re in the UK & Europe, just like how you use it back home.

You’ll pay a fraction of the cost of international roaming and you’ll always be connected! Whether you want calls and SMS, or be able to check Google Maps, update your Facebook status, send and receive emails and use all those Apps or if you just want your phone for emergency use, then a UK and Europe SIM Card from www.ukprepaidsimcard.com.au is perfect for you!

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