Going on a cruise can be one of the best ways to see lots of different places in a single journey. A cruise typically stops at multiple destinations, giving you the opportunity to explore a city at your leisure, but return to your boat for excellent food and facilities. Often, they travel along a certain stretch of coastline, such as the Amalfi Coast, docking at locations big and small.

Cruises don’t only take in warm places either – some will go north, to Iceland to visit the Northern Lights for example, always giving the explorer a base to return to, ensuring continuity and comfort despite the wide range of destinations. If you want to see as much of Europe as possible in a single go, a cruise is a wise choice. You might not get to see places such as London, Paris, or Berlin due to them being inland, but there are some great cities you can visit, as we explain below.


Germany is a country rich in heritage and culture, and Hamburg is a city brimming with things to see and do. It’s also a vibrant port that Plantours feature heavily on their itinerary, and it’s visited by multiple other cruise providers. Water is a huge feature in Hamburg – there are 2,500 bridges, more than Venice, London, and Amsterdam put together. There are also wonderful theaters and museums, as well as churches with famous spires, such as the copper-covered St Catherine’s. Sports fans might even visit the famous Millerntor Stadion, home of FC St Pauli, and Reeperbahn, both iconic tourist magnets.


Scotland is a rugged land of mountains, heaths, and isolated outcrops, but it also has two major cities that brim with culture. Edinburgh, the capital, is one such city, and it features heavily in literature and pop culture alike. It’s one of the destinations on Explora Journeys itinerary and can be combined with a cruise that also takes in more traditional Scottish towns and villages, such as Kirkwall. Edinburgh Castle and Arthur’s Seat are both popular locations, but simply walking the streets of the Old Town and browsing the shops and cafes will provide plenty of interest for a visitor.


Who would have thought when Game of Thrones first screened that it would make such a tourist destination out of Dubrovnik? The Croatian city had long been a well-kept secret, with its maze-like street and stunning sea vistas, but as King’s Landing, it shot to international stardom, so much so that the local authorities limit the number of tourists that can visit in a day. You can get there by sea, enjoying the stunning views of the walls as you arrive, unlike those arriving on land. Sail Croatia offers a cruise that also takes in other locations in the country, such as Split and Hvar Town, which allows you to see more of this wonderful coastline than Game of Thrones could possibly show.


Copenhagen is a popular destination on most cruises that venture to the north of Europe, including those offered by Explora, which we have already mentioned. The Danish capital has a reputation for being quite costly, so a cruise might be a great way to visit for a day, but not experience the high prices over a prolonged period. A day might not be enough to see everything this wonderful city has to offer, from the Tivoli Gardens to Rosenborg Castle, but if you want to tick it off a bucket list, then a cruise is a great way to do that.


We’ve already explained how The Netherlands is a top destination for tourists, and Amsterdam is considered by many as the jewel in the crown. For many years it has had a reputation for being a rowdy place because of certain relaxed laws, but authorities there are clamping down on that behavior and ensuring tourists are encouraged here for the sights. As a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is known for its canals, but there are also some wonderful museums, such as the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. It’s also great for a cruise, especially as most ships docking there also call at places such as Bruges, Rotterdam, or Hamburg, all along the same coast.

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