Despite the ongoing cloud of COVID-19 travel and entry restrictions, it is clear that people are now ready to pick up their abandoned pre-pandemic European travel plans. People are now gearing up to travel and explore Europe once again! 

“Europe has always been a popular tourist destination for travellers around the globe. Characterised primarily with its temperate climate during the spring and warm summer days, the continent is surely included in most people’s travel bucket list,” said travel bud and beach equipment provider Isaiah Burke of Beach Umbrella.

There is now a surge in bookings as everyone is hitting the road again, with people starting to act on their sense of wanderlust that slowly built up during the global pandemic. So, if Europe is on your list of places to visit this 2022, here are the top reasons why more travellers are heading to Europe this year. 

1. Big Upcoming Festivals

Europe is home to several countries with rich cultures and diverse traditions. From the stunning Stars of the White Nights Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia, to the ever-eventful Oktoberfest in Germany — you will surely be missing a lot if you don’t attend the well-known cultural events! 

Make the most of your European getaway by attending these big festivals; Ultra Europe in Croatia, San Fermines Festival in Spain, Berlin Beer Festival in Berlin, Oya Festival in Norway, and Sziget Festival in Budapest!

2. Breathtaking Attractions

There is beauty in every continent, and Europe is overflowing with it. With 51 independent countries, Europe is truly a masterpiece with vastly different landscapes and stunning landmarks.

While the more known attractions — like the Eiffel Tower in Paris and Prague Castle in the Czech Republic — should not be missed out on. There are hundreds of lesser popular but equally stunning places in the continent that you will also appreciate! 

If you want a unique and extra memorable European experience, try visiting the continent’s hidden gems like the Lavender Fields in France, Lake Bled in Slovenia, the icy forests in Finland, and the arched bridge in Germany. 

3. Rich Culture

Aside from great history, Europe is also known for its rich culture. This continent is home to the finest theatres and museums in the world.

One of the most prominent and most-visited museums globally is the Musée du Louvre, found in Paris, France. This museum alone has more than 380,000 pieces on display and 35,000 works of art. Europe is also where you can find the Prado Museum (Spain) and the National Gallery (UK).

4. Less Covid-Related Entry Restrictions

Several European countries dropped all their COVID-related entry requirements. Some of the EU/EEA countries that permit restriction-free entries to travellers today are Greece, Iceland, Bulgaria, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Denmark, Romania, and Sweden. 

Other countries still require travellers to meet specific entry rules. So, before planning your family’s itinerary for your escape to Europe this coming summer, check the COVID-related travel requirements for the countries you are planning to visit.

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